It’s all about tone

In Excerpts on March 18, 2011 at 7:00 am

Why do I want to work for somebody like Andrew Maynard?

It’s all about tone.

Here’s a newsletter I got from his architecture firm a couple months ago.

It has been almost 3 years since our last newsletter. Time flies. Yes, we have been neglecting you, but what better excuse to bring you up to date than a change of address and new contact details …..

Andrew Maynard Architects has moved. We bought a building on Brunswick Street, or more accurately the bank bought us a building and are allowing us to doss there as long as we behave. Make sure you note our new contact details. We don’t want to lose you in the move. You can download AMA’s vCard here.

This was the best part:

I am loving twitter. Its far more fun and useful that I thought it would be. If you are keen to keep track of AMA’s shenanigans then jump online and follow Andrew Maynard Architects here.

And this, which I’ve posted about before—and which I got into gb&d.

Following the terrible floods in Pakistan we proposed an emergency housing solution for flood effected called the Airdrop house. Check it out here.

I hope you have enjoyed our newsletter. We enjoy sharing our world with you. We are always looking for interesting new projects. Feel free to make contact, and please spread the word, why not spread the love and forward this newsletter onto your friends?

Peace out.

Finally: the image up top is from Andrew Maynard’s Protest Structures, a design solution to the deforestation of the Styx Forest in Tasmania.


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