Bill Rankin, mapmaker

In Excerpts, Thoughts on April 28, 2011 at 7:19 am

If you’re as fascinated by maps as I am, Bill Rankin—candidate for a dual PhD in science and architecture at Harvard—is someone to follow. His maps, cataloged at Radical Cartography, have been included in numerous exhibitions, including the traveling Experimental Geography (which, if it doesn’t, should include Leah Evans‘ textiles). Above is Chicago by race. Anyone who lives here knows how segregated the city is; Time Out Chicago recently reported that,

While Illinois leads the nation in electing African-Americans to statewide office, we’re actually the third most segregated urban area in America. Among the reasons for the concentration of blacks on the South and West Sides, and whites to the North: historical (and now illegal) housing and lending practices, the concentration of impoverished blacks in public housing towers, and the Interstate Highways Act of 1956, which resulted in expressways like the Dan Ryan being routed through African-American neighborhoods in Chicago, further dividing black and white enclaves.

More maps below. Washington, DC, by income. Below that, a strangely disorienting one that takes a moment to grasp. I’ll let you figure it out.


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