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Bill Rankin, mapmaker

In Excerpts, Thoughts on April 28, 2011 at 7:19 am

If you’re as fascinated by maps as I am, Bill Rankin—candidate for a dual PhD in science and architecture at Harvard—is someone to follow. His maps, cataloged at Radical Cartography, have been included in numerous exhibitions, including the traveling Experimental Geography (which, if it doesn’t, should include Leah Evans‘ textiles). Above is Chicago by race. Anyone who lives here knows how segregated the city is; Time Out Chicago recently reported that,

While Illinois leads the nation in electing African-Americans to statewide office, we’re actually the third most segregated urban area in America. Among the reasons for the concentration of blacks on the South and West Sides, and whites to the North: historical (and now illegal) housing and lending practices, the concentration of impoverished blacks in public housing towers, and the Interstate Highways Act of 1956, which resulted in expressways like the Dan Ryan being routed through African-American neighborhoods in Chicago, further dividing black and white enclaves.

More maps below. Washington, DC, by income. Below that, a strangely disorienting one that takes a moment to grasp. I’ll let you figure it out.

A TBE SHORT: Album Cartography

In Thoughts on March 28, 2011 at 7:16 am

Danish pedal-steel player Maggie Bjorklund’s latest album, Coming Home.

No surprise that a Q&A with the songwriter shows up in my Reader about an hour after this post.

History maps, happiness maps, DIY oil spill maps

In Excerpts, Thoughts on March 19, 2011 at 8:00 am

I’ve recently stumbled onto some maps of an abnormal nature…

History Map

An apartment-finder website created a Map of Chicago History, a geographic map that instead of pinpointing restaurants and music venues marks homes of famous mobsters, sites of important but long-gone structures, and events of historical significance.

Just blocks from our apartment is the home of Jens Jensen. And a half mile east, Nelson Algren’s residence.

Happiness  Map

Self-reporting isn’t the best type of data, but The New York Times’s attempt last week to “map the nation’s well-being” is an interesting interactive thing. Discover the cartographic patterns of depression, health-insurance coverage, and satisfaction with our communities.

World Typographic Map

Typographic maps aren’t new, but this one by Chicagoan Nancy McCabe (designahoy) is simply arresting.

US Bike Route System

A group is embarking on a historic effort to create an interconnected system of bicycle corridors throughout the country. The map it’s created shows realized routes in solid lines and future routes in faint, highlighted ones.

DIY Oil Spill Maps

GOOD reports on Grassroots Mapping, a team that for about a hundred bucks can reproduce the aerial photos that normally require satellites or at least private flyovers.

“During the media blackout, when FAA regulations prevented aircraft from flying lower than 4,000 feet above sensitive areas of the [Gulf oil] spill, Warren and the Grassroots Mapping team flew balloons and kites and captured incredibly vivid images of the oil spill’s impacts. Using simple online cartographic tools, the photos can be stitched together into bigger maps, like this one of the Lake Borgne wetlands east of New Orleans captured on June 11th of last year.” [Photo: GonzoEarth.]


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